Erasmus Language Policy

As for exchange incoming Erasmus students, Turkish and Macedonian as a foreign language will be offered 4 hours in a week as an elective course and for international degree students will be offered two semesters which each semester includes 3 months / 12 weeks / 6 hours per week, meaning 72 hours for one semester, which come up with 144 hours for a year in total together with cultural activities. This way may take the advantage of learning at least one foreign language offered as an elective course in different programs.

International Vision University Turkish Language Teaching Center was founded to meet the language demands of international students who wish to take Turkish at different levels.  Turkish language courses holds at International Vision University.  On the other hand, 30% English-medium instruction also is offered during the studies.

For the outgoing Erasmus students, International Vision University also offers accelerated English courses in the university language center, for those who are willing to attend to the foreign language examination for the Erasmus program participation.